We love to design and build new buildings from the ground up. We see it as an opportunity to take the best of what we know about architecture, construction, sustainability, building science and urban planning to improve our built surroundings. There is more known about the impact of buildings on the people, place and planet than we ever have in the past. With new buildings, we seek to look forward, and find new ways to express commitment to architectural integrity and sustainability.

We only design and build new buildings that integrate energy efficiency and sustainable strategies. takes the long-term view that the world can’t afford more buildings that are expensive to operate and maintain.

We believe in a less car dependent future, so you will find our new buildings are in urban centers surrounded by existing infrastructure; no new roadways cut, no farm or forest land altered.

We believe buildings are an expression of the values of their time and place. Our new buildings will embrace the best of today’s technology, sustainability and architectural integrity.