Already have a building? We are masters of working with existing structures and spaces, and making something that already exists that much better. We love the process of giving an old space new vitality and function. And, after two decades, there are few building types we haven’t reimagined, reworked, or remodeled and few potential problems we haven’t solved. We have remodeled 200 year old farm houses, sleek modern office buildings and everything in between. We have worked on houses of every size (and added on in every direction). We have salvaged old buildings for historic preservation and updated buildings for commercial needs. We have adaptively reused a school, a textile mill, a trucking depot, and a gas station. Working with existing structures allows everyone to do more with less, which is one of the core principles of sustainability. can advise you on remodeling vs. adding on and take the worry out of challenges like working with load bearing walls and finding matching materials and finishes. Our experienced teams have faced just about every remodeling challenge there is and we are ready to help you with yours.